Thursday, 15 August 2013

Back From Blighty

I was back in Bath visiting my dad and step-fam for ten days so my blog has been neglected slightly, apologies all round. I'm moving to Italy imminently so between attempting to learn Italian, find accommodation, say goodbye to everyone, and stop myself from falling apart mentally, I've felt pretty stressed and it was nice to get away from all that for a while. Here are some photos I took over the past week or so:

This was my attempt at being *artistic* on a sunny evening, fuelled by gin and tonic.

Fashioned a hat for this babe out of a popped balloon

This baby snail crawled onto my hand of his own accord. I may or may not have dropped him but he survived.

The most exciting part of my day was when one side of a bourbon biscuit had been put on back to front and left this imprint in the chocolate. My mum referred to it as "a freak accident", which is kind of cute.

Life is just doddering on at the moment really but I know it's just a matter of time (exactly a month from tomorrow) until I leave for Italy so there's a quiet hum of anxiety behind everything I do at the moment. I'm trying to resolve it by being proactive and e-mailing lots of people about career stuff so hopefully I'm rich enough to buy thousands of freak bourbons in the future.


  1. That bourbon biscuit is pretty awesome and that baby snail is absolutely adorable! Aaah, you must be so excited for Italy xx

    1. Excited but absolutely terrified pretty much covers it ;)

  2. Cute pictures! :-) You have a lovely blog!